Papa and me, aka Jerry and Marilyn, are proud parents of 8, plus 5 son and daughter in-laws, and we also have 9 grandchildren (so far), with another 3 due this year.  They are awesome kids and if we had more energy, we’d probably spend more time with them!  We are gonna try to update this blog with fun thoughts, or maybe some deep thoughts, depending on the day.

Mostly, we want you to know us, and our relationship with Jesus.  He lives in our hearts so if you’re reading this after we die, be blessed by knowing we are well.  Come join us.  Get to know Jesus and ask him into your heart today.  Some of the posts on this blog will have testimonies, or stories, of our experiences in life and the amazing ways Jesus has helped us through.   He’s not just our savior, He’s our friend, our helper, our comfort, our joy.  We could go on and on but we’ll leave that for the separate posts.  Once again, be Blessed.

Jerry and Marilyn

PS:  All pictures on this blog were taken by me (unless otherwise noted).  They sometimes tell a better story than words can.  Enjoy them, Marilyn