The loops in the first wall were done last summer.  The second wall will have some loops added this summer.  Probably just one on each end.


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Like the previously posted word clouds, but with shapes.  Fun stuff!

I’m more patient this year.  Maybe because our winter didn’t really start until January.  Now, I know the snow won’t last for 6 months, like it usually does.

Less than a week until groundhogs day.  I know that’s silly, yet it is a marker.  Closer to spring!

March 11th.  Daylight savings time.  Stupid, but since we have it, I will enjoy the longer sunshine at the end of our day.  Sunset tomorrow, about 5:30 pm, March 10th, about 6:30, March 11th, about 7:30.  Yes, please.

March 21st.  First day of spring.  I know, here in South Dakota, that doesn’t mean much more than another marker.  Spring, yes.  Closer to warm weather.  Closer to sprouting tulips.  And daffodils.  Chives, winter onions, and garlic.

Ahh, green grass.  Worms, and robins.

Yeah, I’m ready!

The picture behind the words was taken off our front deck.  I love sunsets.  They always remind me of God.  What beauty He has created!

The words are paraphrased out of the Bible.  Someone posted them on facebook today.  They made a great impact on me, and the way they were shared on many pages, makes me think they made a great impact on a lot of others as well.

I created this picture today so I could share it on Pinterest also.  🙂  I hope you all enjoy it.

Listen, God may be calling you.

I’ve been really thinking about bridges lately.  And walls.  Building walls versus building bridges, mostly.

I can see a picture in my mind of a wall.  A solid brick wall, or maybe mud and weeds like the adobe ones we found abandoned in the deserts of Arizona.  Mud and weeds may be more appropriate with my train of thought lately.  Substitute the mud for gossip, and the weeds for lies.  The walls have been built!

The forgiveness given us by Jesus is one of the best gifts ever.  Using Him for a model, we know we must also forgive.  So, we must learn to build bridges of forgiveness, over the walls of lies and gossip.

I want a picture of this thought, a bridge over a wall, to share with others.

Until then, I will feed the hungry.  The muddy and those cleaned by the Blood of Jesus.

Everyone’s welcome, anytime.

Should’ve cleaned the countertop before the picture.  Maybe not, it shows the need.   Thinking wine glasses would look well hanging over the window, plants on the side shelves.   Hopefully it won’t take long, got my honey to say it would work.  🙂  Now, I gotta get the builder going.

Here’s the before picture, and my “plans”.  Someday, I’ll update with the after picture.  Someday soon.

I bet I saw a new Ford Mustang in 1966!  I remember being little.  And, I remember my head spinning around to look again.  It still does.  I love Mustangs!

Here’s a picture of our current one, with Bear Butte in the background.

Sometimes we gotta think outside the box.  I have a pony, it has a tail.  Ha!  That was fun.  It was flying for the parade!

Sturgis SD has an annual rally on Labor Day Weekend.  2011 was the 5th annual and it was great!  Here’s a view of lineup.

We drove quite a few miles on the poker runs.  Most of the time we had some beautiful ponies following us.  Oh, the views!

Today, is January 17th and we live in South Dakota.   Which, unfortunately today means my car is parked. 😦  The countdown is on, 63 days until Spring!



Stalled out on posting our thoughts. Sorry. We have kept ourselves busy. Last summer we got 5 pallets of paving bricks to use in our backyard. We (and I guess I can say “we” because Jerry paid for them), oops, getting back on track. I built a 3 foot sunken firepit, and installed the paving bricks around it. Guessing on the size, but probably about 14 foot across the circle. I also built a few raised garden beds and planted chives, garlic and tulips. 🙂 Next to the deck I put a few extra bricks for an outdoor sunken kitchen, ok, for a spot to set my grill. Love it all. Looking forward to this spring / summer to see what happens next.

And maybe even more exciting … we built a front deck and added steps.  Totally changed the look, not to mention the safety!

I added pictures and tried to get the same view, before and after.

In the first set, the firepit is the same size.  Just a different angle.

The next two show an awesome change.  The back corner was filled with weeds, and firewood.  Now, there are flowers, tulips next spring!  The “bench” around the firepit is sitting free, may glue them together next year, may move them.  Really like the look though.

This next set shows the grill on the small wood deck, and the second has it barely showing to the left and sunken.  We used red rubber mulch as the accent and are really looking forward to seeing how well it holds it’s color through the years.

The view from the back shows a dramatic change.  Love the wall around the tree.  Still have to glue the bricks together around it.  My hose knocks them off.  There is also a second raised garden in front of the shed, not pictured.  You can see the onions and chives.  The second one has garlic and tulips.

The change in the front was much needed.  We used to walk up the driveway and it is very steep.  This is a great fix!  Once again, red rubber mulch, and pink granite.  The brick walls on both sides are ever changing.  Have more ideas for this year.

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This year I’m gonna try to take it easier. Gonna plant some more flower seeds and hope for warm enough weather this year to make them grow. Letting the wild grasses grow around the edges of the property. Love the look myself, plus, no weed whacking.

A garden has been started. Small enough to enjoy without overworking myself. The raspberry bushes need some kind of a walkway around them, but no major wall building in the works.

We did build a screen of sorts, to let vines grow up. It gives me a sense of privacy, or maybe just another place for the neighbor to hide behind. Might add more of these, scattered around the yard, to blend.

Another part of an ugly fence was taken down. Looks much better without it. The picture shows the before, with the fence still there. Ugly!

Planted some grass seed in the front so we have a jump start on a nice drive by look. It’s getting there. I like my home.

Phillipians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”. This has always been one of my favorite verses. No matter how weak I am, Christ’s strength is there with me, helping. I’ve thought of it often. Sometimes at odd times. Like once when we were carrying a fridge up the crooked steps to our house. I prayed for help carrying my end, and this was one of the few times I didn’t hurt myself helping with a fridge!

Another time this has helped me? I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. If you know me, you know I have developed a great gag reflex. So the thought of teeth cleaning was … was not something I was looking forward to. I repeated the verse to myself constantly, yes, constantly while the cleaning was done. It worked! All things? Yes!

Most people have at least one thing they really don’t want to do, or don’t enjoy. For me, that one thing has always been speaking in front of people. Now, I am reading Bible verses during our Church services. I can and will read the word of God. Skits or testimony, I’m not so sure of yet.

What has my attention, is the fact that the one thing I didn’t want to do, is exactly what God has me doing. I have been blessed. If you have told yourself that you will be open to do whatever God wants you to do, remember that it may be something you are uncomfortable with. Take that “one thing” you don’t relish, and give that to God also. And, always remember, you can do ALL things, through Christ who gives you strength.

We have been praying about hearing more from God. But what is it that we really expect? Lately I was just dozing off, but not yet asleep, still in prayer. I heard an audible voice say “Marilyn, can you hear me?”. I looked around at Jerry who was reading a book. It wasn’t him. Wow. Kinda startled me. 🙂 I have been listening to God for years, but this was the first audible voice I heard. I was warmed by the knowledge that He knows my name. I am now ready for His voice again. I say “here I am”. I am listening.

Today I found a great verse for the day. Perfect for the end / beginning of a year! This is it:

“This is what the LORD says— he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”- Isaiah 43:16, 18-19

“forget the former things, do not dwell on the past”. Great line, isn’t it? Great state of mind!

Sometimes it is hard to forget, but God says He is doing a new thing! Let’s let Him do a new thing in us!

Happy New Year!