Ever rub someone’s cheek during a moment of intimacy.  Holding a baby, gently rubbing their cheek and they smile.  Oh, how sweet!

Last Sunday on the way to Church I thought about how soon we would be in the presense of the Holy Spirit.  I knew that my aches would go away, as they do every time I go to Church.

This time, as we were singing, I felt a gentle rub on my cheek, like the one described above.  Instant smile!  Oh, how I love Him!

I did look around for a stray hair, white feather, anything that could have touched my cheek.  Even told Jerry about it and he couldn’t find anything either.

I was filled with Joy, and the aches stopped then too.  God is SO good.  Believe He is with you, and capable of miracles and healings.  And know that He wants to see you smile.