I’m more patient this year.  Maybe because our winter didn’t really start until January.  Now, I know the snow won’t last for 6 months, like it usually does.

Less than a week until groundhogs day.  I know that’s silly, yet it is a marker.  Closer to spring!

March 11th.  Daylight savings time.  Stupid, but since we have it, I will enjoy the longer sunshine at the end of our day.  Sunset tomorrow, about 5:30 pm, March 10th, about 6:30, March 11th, about 7:30.  Yes, please.

March 21st.  First day of spring.  I know, here in South Dakota, that doesn’t mean much more than another marker.  Spring, yes.  Closer to warm weather.  Closer to sprouting tulips.  And daffodils.  Chives, winter onions, and garlic.

Ahh, green grass.  Worms, and robins.

Yeah, I’m ready!