I’ve been really thinking about bridges lately.  And walls.  Building walls versus building bridges, mostly.

I can see a picture in my mind of a wall.  A solid brick wall, or maybe mud and weeds like the adobe ones we found abandoned in the deserts of Arizona.  Mud and weeds may be more appropriate with my train of thought lately.  Substitute the mud for gossip, and the weeds for lies.  The walls have been built!

The forgiveness given us by Jesus is one of the best gifts ever.  Using Him for a model, we know we must also forgive.  So, we must learn to build bridges of forgiveness, over the walls of lies and gossip.

I want a picture of this thought, a bridge over a wall, to share with others.

Until then, I will feed the hungry.  The muddy and those cleaned by the Blood of Jesus.

Everyone’s welcome, anytime.