I bet I saw a new Ford Mustang in 1966!  I remember being little.  And, I remember my head spinning around to look again.  It still does.  I love Mustangs!

Here’s a picture of our current one, with Bear Butte in the background.

Sometimes we gotta think outside the box.  I have a pony, it has a tail.  Ha!  That was fun.  It was flying for the parade!

Sturgis SD has an annual rally on Labor Day Weekend.  2011 was the 5th annual and it was great!  Here’s a view of lineup.

We drove quite a few miles on the poker runs.  Most of the time we had some beautiful ponies following us.  Oh, the views!

Today, is January 17th and we live in South Dakota.   Which, unfortunately today means my car is parked. 😦  The countdown is on, 63 days until Spring!