Stalled out on posting our thoughts. Sorry. We have kept ourselves busy. Last summer we got 5 pallets of paving bricks to use in our backyard. We (and I guess I can say “we” because Jerry paid for them), oops, getting back on track. I built a 3 foot sunken firepit, and installed the paving bricks around it. Guessing on the size, but probably about 14 foot across the circle. I also built a few raised garden beds and planted chives, garlic and tulips. 🙂 Next to the deck I put a few extra bricks for an outdoor sunken kitchen, ok, for a spot to set my grill. Love it all. Looking forward to this spring / summer to see what happens next.

And maybe even more exciting … we built a front deck and added steps.  Totally changed the look, not to mention the safety!

I added pictures and tried to get the same view, before and after.

In the first set, the firepit is the same size.  Just a different angle.

The next two show an awesome change.  The back corner was filled with weeds, and firewood.  Now, there are flowers, tulips next spring!  The “bench” around the firepit is sitting free, may glue them together next year, may move them.  Really like the look though.

This next set shows the grill on the small wood deck, and the second has it barely showing to the left and sunken.  We used red rubber mulch as the accent and are really looking forward to seeing how well it holds it’s color through the years.

The view from the back shows a dramatic change.  Love the wall around the tree.  Still have to glue the bricks together around it.  My hose knocks them off.  There is also a second raised garden in front of the shed, not pictured.  You can see the onions and chives.  The second one has garlic and tulips.

The change in the front was much needed.  We used to walk up the driveway and it is very steep.  This is a great fix!  Once again, red rubber mulch, and pink granite.  The brick walls on both sides are ever changing.  Have more ideas for this year.