This year I’m gonna try to take it easier. Gonna plant some more flower seeds and hope for warm enough weather this year to make them grow. Letting the wild grasses grow around the edges of the property. Love the look myself, plus, no weed whacking.

A garden has been started. Small enough to enjoy without overworking myself. The raspberry bushes need some kind of a walkway around them, but no major wall building in the works.

We did build a screen of sorts, to let vines grow up. It gives me a sense of privacy, or maybe just another place for the neighbor to hide behind. Might add more of these, scattered around the yard, to blend.

Another part of an ugly fence was taken down. Looks much better without it. The picture shows the before, with the fence still there. Ugly!

Planted some grass seed in the front so we have a jump start on a nice drive by look. It’s getting there. I like my home.