Starting a list of likes and dislikes of winter. Trying to convince myself to like it. Wish me luck!


  • Cold weather
  • Frozen piles of snow that last for months
  • Dirty looking ugly snow
  • Blizzard like winds / blowing snow
  • Cold feet,  fingers
  • chapped lips
  • Drinking anything cold freezes me
  • No flowers, no grass, no leaves
  • Gray skies
  • Shorter days, darkness sooner
  • convertibles stay parked 😦 


  • Chicken soup, stew, chili etc …
  • Baking bread
  • Fresh falling sparkling snow
  • Fireplaces
  • Warm socks
  • Heating blanket
  • Apple cider / hot chocolate
  • Beautiful sunsets from our deck

Now, as I look at the “like” list, I see that most of them are not really likes, but things I can do to overcome the feeling of dislike.  Which in itself is OK, I guess, but it changes the list.  Narrows the likes down to:

  • Freshly falling sparkling snow
  • Beautiful sunsets from our deck

Anything I missed?  Remember, before you give me any suggestions, I am old and no longer “play” in the snow.  Yep, no snowballs, no snowmen, no skiing, no snowboards.  You get the idea?