What is it that makes people clique? or maybe a better question would be, what makes people not clique?

I grew up (a long time ago), I grew up knowing we were all created equally, in God’s image. I knew it was wrong to roll my eyes when someone said something I didn’t want to hear, or said something stupid. I knew it was wrong to make fun of people behind their back. I knew that just because I couldn’t speak as eloquently as others, it didn’t make me worse than them. I know that I still feel uncomfortable talking to some people! I think it’s their problem, not mine.

Now I’m not shifting blame here, I hate it when people do that, but that’s another blog entirely. I think people choose, we all choose, among other things, how to treat others. Hey, you good with strangers? Give em a little food or money, tell them about your friend Jesus? Good. Really Good. But how are you with acquaintances?

I love to listen, really listen to people when I ask “how ya doin?” I only hope you know that about me.

I’ve gone through life telling myself it didn’t matter what other people think. I’ve known that Jesus loves me and that’s good enough. I’ve been taught that indeed, I should care what other people think, since I am a reflection of God. Repeat paragraph …

Welcome to my circle.