I have a backyard that I try to make sure all of God’s animals are safe. I tell the birds and the squirrels that their God is my God.

My children have called me snow white because the birds are not afraid of me. Just last week, a robin landed within a few feet of me, several times, when I was landscaping. It was looking for worms, I think. I do have pictures, but will have to add them another day.

When Jerry and Mark were working on the deck, they heard a noise. They saw a young robin at the window in the shed, trying to get out. Jerry went in slowly and told the bird he was just trying to help and stuck his finger out when he got to the window. The precious bird jumped on his finger and Jerry walked to the door, where the bird flew away. I wish I had a video of that one. 🙂

Recently we have repeatedly seen an animal that we are guessing is a groundhog, or woodchuck. I still need a better picture for verification, but I did get one of his back end, and tail. I think I’ll call him (or her, but we’ll assume he’s a he for now) Woody – woodchuck, and he likes woody areas. Anyway, I saw him again today. His mouth was full of grass, possibly still connected to dirt, we have been moving some around. This clump of grass was probably as big as my hand. Maybe I should tell you how big Woody is? Well, yeah, he’s the size of a big cat, actually a big FAT cat. Plus his tail.

I am a city girl, by birth, not by choice. Not growing up with these, I don’t feel too comfortable around them. Did I forget the part about him possibly building a nest under my new deck? Ahhhhhh

So, yeah, today I told him, (if he’s actually under my deck, cause I’m not looking), I told him his God is my God.

I am SO ready for Heaven on earth where all the animals will get along, with us.

Turns out he has a tunnel opening under our deck, with the tunnel going under our shed, and then probably into the neighbors back yard, it’s pretty woodsy over there. Jerry said the tunnel’s pretty big. I didn’t look close.

groundhog, or woodchuck?

groundhog, or woodchuck?