I love hearing Jerry talking about how he first asked Jesus into his heart. For him, it was an instantaneous change.

For me, I grew up with Jesus, and knew Him as a friend.

Either way, we are to the point in our lives that we want to follow Christ. We want to be more like Him. We want to know Him more. No matter if we go left or right, He is with us. That is an awesome feeling. Knowing He is here, with us, always.

I am often reminded of an old song. I never promised you a rose garden, along with the sunshine. There’s gotta be a little rain sometimes.

Such is our life. We have had our share of storms in the past 20 years.

About 13 years ago, we had the chance to buy my Grandparents house. Sentimental old me, I really wanted it. Oh, the memories, fresh bread baking, the family tree on the wall, Grandpa playing cards in the kitchen, falling asleep in his chair, carrying babies feet forward so they could see … but I digress.

Grandmas house burned down the day we were going in to sign the paperwork. Jerry called me at work to tell me, and I said “I wonder what God has in store for us instead”.

Fast forward to today. We have a comfortable new house that was built just for us. Loft for books, a great view, 30 feet of counter space in the kitchen, and lots of equity because we built most of it ourselves. Not by choice.

We bought a house and after 2 years, started renting it out at the recommendation of a friend. We had good and bad renters and finally decided to sell it, contract for deed. The young couple we sold it to had no credit, but after a year of paying us well, Jerry convinced them to try for a loan so they could pay us off. We gave them a letter saying they paid well for that year, and they got the loan. Great? Or not so great. They got the loan and bought a DIFFERENT house with OUR letter of recommendation. Ow.

OK, so now it’s the middle of winter and we have an empty house (we’re still making payments on). We find another couple that have kitchen cabinets for the down payment – supposedly. We never saw the cabinets, and never got any money from them. Four or five months later we got them out and took our house back, with a cut in the main ceiling beam. I don’t think they were that stupid, but that’s another blog.

I thank God in all things!

We got to move back into our old neighborhood. We started praying for it years ago, and I believe God wanted us back.

So we had some bad things happening (this was just a basic few). But through it all we said “thanks God”. No matter what bad is in store for us, God can turn it into good.

Thank Him through all your storms. He is there with you. Faith? Definitely!