I really have been busy since the last snow storm.  And I love it!  Any sunny day, you can probably find me at home, instead of at work.  🙂


  1. We all need the vitamin d from the sun (more needed for me).
  2. My skin breaks out over the winter, probably because of the makeup.   But give me some sun, and the need for makeup is lessened.
  3. The landscaping needs of my yard are major.  The house is on a hill and we have to not only retain the hill above us, but also need to provide for drainage to protect the house below us.
  4. The yard is barren.  Last year I got the grass going.  This year I’m planting perennials.  Next year, maybe I can relax in it?
  5. I have always been cold blooded.  I love going outside in the summer to warm up.  (Not sure why we put in central air, I may have lost Jerry for the summer.  ) 

So, I have been enjoyably busy.  And will always continue to be so.  Somebody’s got to do it, right?  Later this summer we’re planning on redoing our back garage/shed and turning it into more of a cool gazebo type place.

Here is a top view of the picture of the deck we built and the last wall I added in front of it.  It goes across the front of the house from the entry door to the driveway.  Notice all the granite rocks?  Some were heavy!

top view of the front yard

top view of the front yard

Next is the same, but a partial street view:
front walls

front walls

 And then there was a backyard, in desperate need of help …

backyard wall, around a stump.

backyard wall, around a stump.

Ignore the ugly fence.  That’s a project for another day. 

Almost forgot, I also moved the fire pit area to make more room for a garden.  Don’t have a picture of that one yet.

So, that’s what’s been keeping me busy lately.  I’ll update again when there’s something else major to report.