When my kids were little I tried to keep them safe. Even when I wasn’t around. Especially when I wasn’t around.

I told them how some people might do or say things, and then say “don’t tell anyone”. Sometimes it may be necessary to agree with them until you can get away, but then go to someone you trust and immediately “tell”.

This technique is a must for anyone, not just young kids.

I am thinking of several things that people want to be kept hidden. Maybe just the one broad thing called abuse, but it does break down. Sexual abuse. Physical abuse. Mental abuse. I was once a victim of all three. Some people pass these down to the next generation, but I was determined not to let that happen to me or my family.

When I was growing up, we had Uncle Shorty. I don’t remember him much myself, but one summer he grabbed my cousin’s breast. She immediately made a scene and – if I remember correctly – hit him! Good for her. Unfortunately, the previous generation wasn’t quite so outspoken.

My mother and her sisters grew up with Uncle Shorty. When it was mentioned to them, we heard – “shhh, we don’t talk about those things”. That is why it continued then, and unfortunately still does to this day.

It’s time to bring the darkness, into the light. Talk to someone.