I’ve never been to good at expressing myself to strangers.  Or even acquaintences.  Now, friendlies, that’s another story.

Speech class was not good for me, although I did learn alot.  Imagine how bad I would have been without it!   I have issues with saying the wrong things, or maybe just worrying about how to say something.  (Although I am getting better, with God’s help.)

I started a blog about a year ago, but stopped using that one because of my anonymity and the way that is looked down upon by some.  But just last week, someone read a blog I posted there about my son’s medical problems and commented to me about it.  Through that, I received a prayer request because of her similar situation.   So, I have learned that, no matter how “worthless” I feel, God can still use me, to help others. 

I thank God for that, and I pray for peace, and joy, for all who are waiting for a diagnosis.