We built a house and have been in it for about a year.  We’re on a hill and have water rushing through when the snow melts.  Last spring and summer was spent reshaping the dirt and planting grass.  Because of the hill, we have to retain it on the north side of the yard.  I also tried to build it up – so there wasn’t such a dropoff on the south.  I did a lot of excavating, manually.  Just me and a wheelbarrow!  Ow.

So, this year, I am very excited to plant some flowers.  I’ve bought a lot of perennial seeds.  I want a lot of reds in the front, to match the retaining wall.  But, I also got some other colors, for the back. 

I have bulk amounts of daisy seeds, 3 different varieties.  They will fill in the backgrounds and corners well.  I have some ugly fences to hide.

We have some very friendly, and hungry, rabbits, so I also bought some marigolds to distract them from all the good things they like to eat.  Luckily, I was able to get red marigold seeds, so they will coordinate well in the front also. 

I’m trying for a easy to maintain yard.  A field of wildflowers comes to mind when I think of how I want my yard.  Now, my yard’s not that big, but hopefully this will add depth perception. 

So, I begin with part 1.  This is the planning stage.  My yard is like a blank slate, the possobilities are endless.  Oh, the excitement!  Lots of googling, getting some ideas.  Got any for me?