Some people are really missing out on the blessings of God.  Accept Jesus into your heart and learn to follow Him.  There is so much more for you than just salvation. 

During trying times God fills me with peace.  The Bible calls it a peace that passes all understanding.  It really is.  In the middle of my mother getting cancer and dying, I was covered by His peace.  I don’t think I can explain it to you unless you have experienced it yourself. 

In my last post, I ended up realizing I had a problem with a feeling of unworthyness.  After prayer that feeling was gone. 

Jesus is my savior, and also my brother, my friend.  I am never alone.  If you see me holding my hand as if someone were there, try to remember there is. 

Some people I know don’t have Jesus in their hearts.  From conversations I’ve had with them, it seems they really don’t want to give up the sinful nature they live with now.  If only they would realize how much better it is with Jesus.  You will gain so much more. 

Try Him.