My son and I had a conversation the other day about someone he knows.  Supposedly, he doesn’t like her because she always “says stupid things”. 

When my kids were still teenagers, we had the same problem.  My daughter thought a boy was really “dorky” because of what he said.  I reminded her of another that said the same thing and made her laugh, but she (smiling) said “yeah but he’s funny”.

So what is it really?  What we say?  Or, what we hear?  Do we just not give some people a chance.  Are there “vibes” out there that make us not like people?  I have met people that I don’t get along with.  I’m sure most of us have.  But, I also know that God says I am no better, which I remind myself can also mean I am no worse.  I have learned to be very patient with others.  Guess I have to pray for everyone that “hears” me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I ‘m not always saying stupid stuff.  I can have intelligent conversations, fun ones, normal ones, etc…  I have a great group of friends.  Maybe that’s the key.  They love me for me, not for what I say.   As a Christian, you all should.  We all should.

But I can tell when someone thinks I’m talking stupid.  Really (enter name here)!  It’s not hidden well.  So, next time I say something, guess what, I have a perceived sense of no matter what I say, it’s gonna sound wrong.  And, I have to admit, it does sometimes. 

I had a teacher in high school that had an essay question.  “What is your opinion of” something.  The class convinced her that we all got the answer right, because she asked for our opinion.  That can’t be wrong.  :^) 

So, when I talk (which is always voicing my opinion) I can’t be wrong.  Right?

Just typing this blog has helped me.  Since I have someone specific in mind that I have this problem with, I know what I can do.  The same thing that helps me through everything.  I’ll pray for him.  I always do anyway, but this year he will be covered in prayer, before I speak to him, or email him.  Specifically, I’ll pray for him to accept me.  Thanks God.

Now, it seems that it all comes back to me – feeling unworthy.  Give me words to speak God.