This is a subject that Jerry and I discuss a lot between ourselves. But don’t often discuss it with others, because, it causes divisions.

More like chasms, really. People know the difference between right and wrong. Granted, some people lie so much, they may start to believe their lies, but come on, they must still know they are lying. Makes me think they believe they just won’t get caught.

How did people get so far of a difference in thought pattern. For lack of a better description, how can we think like Hannity, and anyone think like Colmes?

How can some of us be so bothered by lies, and liars, and some people don’t even see them, or care. Little white lies – everybody tells them? NO, everybody doesn’t. I have trouble with April Fools Day because I have to confess so soon. Too close to lying, I know, “just joking” or “just kidding”. But it’s not a joke, it’s a lie. Isn’t it? From the the definition of kidding is:
1 a: to deceive as a joke b: to fail to admit the truth

I don’t find humor, in a lie.