Can’t Keep A Good Man Down , Newsong (lyrics below)

Powerful song.  Sums up my thoughts on Jesus.  Well, some of them anyway.  Here’s some more of my thoughts:

Some people generalize Christians, saying we are all “fanatics”.  The truth is we just know what you are missing.  I am sad for anyone who doesn’t know Jesus personally.  He is my friend, and wants to be your’s too.  He’s been with me through all the good, and bad, times in my life.  He didn’t cause the bad to happen.  At first the people around me did.  Then, I brought it on myself by the choices I made.  Jesus was always there to help me through it.

I have been on both sides.  I lived a worldly life for awhile.  Sex, drugs, rock and roll.  Ooh, the fun.  Or was it?  Being on this side, looking back, I can say that that life was missing something.  I was searching for something, and just didn’t know what.  Jesus has filled all the holes in my life!  I now have peace, contentment, joy, and so much more. 

Yes, He is my salvation, but that’s not all.  The Bible is full of all the different names for Jesus, but that is going to have to be a blog in itself.

He is my friend.  Through this blog, I want to intoduce you to Him, in order for you to have a more personal relationship with Him.  A great scholar once told us the distance between Heaven and Hell is about 18 inches.  That is the distance between your head and your heart.  You can “know” the bible, like the Pharasees, but the real way to Heaven is through your heart.  Ask Jesus into your heart, and you can also know my best friend.

Until another time when I can write more, here’s the lyrics to the song.  Enjoy.

Lyrics to “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down”:

He said goodbye to the angels of heaven
And he came to Earth as a common man
He tought us how we could love one another
There was healing in His hands

There where those who believed and followed Him
And there where those who wanted Him dead
They thought the grave would silence Him forever
But they found out instead

You can close your eyes
You can say it’s a lie
You can stick your head in the sand
You can turn away even try to explain
He was just another man
When they nailed Him to the cross by His hands and His feet and they put Him in the ground
Three days later everybody found out that ya can’t
No you can’t keep a good man down, no
No you can’t keep a good man down

I hear you say that it all sounds crazy
It’s a good story but it can’t be true
How could a man who was dead and buried
Mean a thing to me and you

Here we are two thousand years later
And still the choice is just the same
You can say that ya don’t believe it
But it doesn’t change a thing


I can take you to the hill where they hung Him on a cross
I can take you the empty tomb
I can tell you He’s alive ’cause He lives in me
But the rest is up to you